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Sleep Club is taking a break until 2022 while Cat is on maternity leave. 

But don't worry: The Sleep Mums will be back with more sell out Sleep Clubs next year as well as launching their first Birth to Sleep Club. If you're having a baby in 2021 or 2022 just hit subscribe to be one of the first to know!

Got a newborn baby and want to get into a sleep routine? 
Or perhaps your 6-12 month old baby struggles with naps?
Want to connect with experts who know the tried & trusted methods? 
And to be a part of a supportive community? 

Then you need The Sleep Club
We’ve helped hundreds of new parents so far, and counting. 

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[meet your sleep club hosts]

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"You have given me the tools and the confidence and refreshed my brain. He's like a brand new baby! THANK YOU for saving me from the edge.

Catherine via Instagram