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We are The Sleep Mums


Sarah Carpenter is a baby and child sleep expert, a qualified Norland nanny (the nannies the Royal Family use) and an avid consumer of coffee. Working with families struggling to get their children to sleep every night means she needs to keep up her caffeine intake!


Through her twenty year career as a sleep consultant, including setting up her own business, she has helped thousands of parents get a good night’s sleep and given them back something else they thought they had lost: their sanity.


Sarah has an almost supernatural ability to get babies and children to sleep, but as a single mum of three, Harry, Alfie and Emily she also knows how hard it can be to be the parent in the moment, even when you know the 'right' things to do.

Cat Cubie is a BBC TV and radio presenter, a successful regional columnist and journalist in the national press . She has spent a large part of her career writing and talking about parenting  her three wonderful kids and partner... mostly to spend time away from her three wonderful kids and partner!


She has a degree in psychology and started her career working on BBC Specialist Factual parenting programmes Little Angels, Teen Angels and Child of Our Time.


Cat is excellent with words, eating chocolate and over-analysing everything. She has been a parent of a child who doesn't sleep, like ever, so she knows how hard it can be as a new parent but also how to learn the tools and confidence to help her family get more sleep.

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