our story.


Hi, we're Cat and Sarah, The Sleep Mums. It’s lovely to meet you.


Sarah is a professional baby sleep expert and has been helping parents get a good night’s sleep for 20 years. She started as a Norland Nanny (the nannies the Royal Family use), then set up her own sleep consultancy. The families she has worked with say she's given them back their sanity and their relationships by helping them to be better (rested) parents.


She also has three kids of her own. So she knows what it's like to be an exhausted parent, what she 'should' be doing and how it still - sometimes - all go tits up!

One of the parents Sarah gave back their sanity was me. I’m Cat, I'm a mum of two, parenting journalist and broadcaster. When my daughter was five months old, Sarah came to our house and helped my daughter to sleep in just a few weeks. I was shocked. I had read ALL the parenting sleep books (I’m a parenting addict, like a toddler and a yogurt: the more I have, the better) and none of them really worked.


Sarah and I became good friends and I began to share Sarah's tips in my newspaper and magazine columns, with friends and friends of friends, until one said you need to write a book; an easy sleep guide for exhausted parents, a sleep book that actually works. So, our book Read It and Sleep was born.


And now our podcast The Sleep Mums has the same mission, straight-forward help with zero judgement (because we know how sleep deprivation makes you feel), a baby sleep podcast that will give you the confidence and tools for the whole family to get more kip.


We're like the Batman and Robin of baby sleep. Except we mostly wear our knickers under our trousers!