Welcome to Sleep Club, six weeks of expert courses and support to help baby (and tired parents) sleep.


You’ll meet online over six separate sessions with us, The Sleep Mums (Cat and Sarah). We’ll guide you through a core topic when it comes to baby sleep making our advice bespoke to you and your family. We will cover expectations; naps; feeding; settling techniques; bedtime routine and your 24 hours with some flexibility in terms of needs. In each session, we will find out how your week has been and help with any difficulities as well as answer Q&As from the class.


As well as the weekly Zoom call, we’ll also be a part of your Club Whatsapp group, to answer questions and give support through the week.


We have been told that our approach has changed parent’s lives. We give a sensitive (and real), needs-based foundation to improve overnight sleep and calmer, more consistent naptimes. We aim to give you the tools and confidence to see you through the long nights during your baby’s small years.