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Let Us Help You

Whether you’re worried about naps, early waking or just want to help your family to sleep better, The Sleep Mums will give you the tools and confidence you need.


Based on Sarah's work supporting thousands of families and their shared real life experience, each Sleep Mums resource is filled with easy-to-follow, love-filled guidance. No matter what approach you take or the stage that you’re at, you’ll find support you can use.



Our award-winning, top ten charting podcast is made for you; (mostly) functioning humans who want non-judgmental, funny and easy to follow help and guidance that actually works to help their family get more sleep. 


Each episode looks at a sleep topic with five take-homes that will help your family sleep better, as well as answering a listener’s question, putting our advice to practise in the real world. Our listeners say it 'literally changed my life'.

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1-1 support

Our book is full of straight-forward, non-judgemental, and practical baby sleep support that will help you and your family get more sleep.


A set of guidelines that you can easily follow, even when sleep deprived, and if your pelvic floor is down with it, give you something to laugh about too.

If you would like a Sleep Mum to hold your hand through making changes, book in a call with Sarah. She will  listen to your needs and give you personally tailored advice that will suit completely your family.


After your phone consultation she will follow up with an email plan to fully support you, giving you the confidence you need to see it through.

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