We know that not everyone has the time (we’re parents too, the juggle is real!) or the money to spend on a six week course. So we’ve created Sleep Club Happy Hours, a smash and grab of specific sleep support packed into 60 minutes.


Do you have difficulty settling your baby? Would you like to get a heads up on the best techniques to use... and how to actually go about it? Would you like access to individually tailored advice from the the Sleep Mum or pick our brains about pretty much anything sleep related? We'll also throw in our easy, at-a-glance sleep Crib Notes and an age specific schedule for your baby. 


Sound good? Sign Up now... then grab your beverage of choice and bring a notepad!


Happy Hour: Settling 15th July 1pm

  • Every baby, every parent and every family is different. We’ll explore different techniques that are bespoke to your circumstances and make sure our advice works for you. But what really separates our course from others is that we specialise in giving real advice, that actually works, with zero judgement.