read it and sleep.

Praise for Read It and Sleep


“Read It and Sleep is brilliant. It’s funny and fun to read. The format makes it easy to follow too, which is important when you’re sleep deprived”. – Mark K


 “The difference this book made between my first and second child is phenomenal. Armed with Read it and SleepI helped my son to sleep better right from the start. My family and I are eternally grateful.” – Claire 


Tired. It’s the answer every new parent offers when asked ‘how are you?’. Sometimes, it’s given straight away as a greeting, so you don’t bother them with small talk about small people. Having a newborn is relentless and it’s exhausting. 

Once upon a time, I was that sleep-deprived parent. Then I met Sarah Carpenter, a Norland-trained sleep expert. The advice she gave me changed everything. I knew I had to share her guidelines with the other tired mums and dads, so we could all get some more sleep. 

This book is written for parents, because we are parents. Occasionally-functioning humans who need sensible, easy to follow advice. That doesn’t make us feel like we’re alone in the 3am club.


These 23 straight-forward guidelines will equip parents with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help their baby sleep, not just for a few nights but the next year and beyond. 

Read It and Sleep will be published in 2021.