Tips to Cope with The Autumn Clock Change

You feel like you’ve just cracked your baby’s sleep then a blooming clock change comes along to mess it all up! But ‘falling back’ doesn’t need to feel like you’re stepping backwards with baby sleep.

Our internal clocks are pretty amazing, it’s one of the things we talk about using to our advantage advaon The Sleep Mums. However, our in-built timers don’t just change automatically when the clocks go back - like the ones on our phones do - and it’s often harder for a baby (or child) to cope with those changes.

This weekend, the clocks go back an hour, so it’s most likely to mean baby will wake earlyg, which can impact the rest of your day (like naps and feeds). These tips will help.

It’s important to not worry too much, though, some babies will sail through a clock change without batting a sleepy eyelid. And, evwutgovvabieven if you have a few unsettled days, you’ll get back on track. You can also listen to our Settling episode for more tips (link up top).

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