Baby Sleep Guide to the Christmas Holidays

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

In our bonus Christmas podcast episode we share 5 tips to get you through the holidays, well, at least where baby sleep is concerned. A wee sherry and mince pie might need to do the rest!

December can be an exciting time but it can also be really exhausting and if you’re already parent-level tired, the overwhelm of making it through can make it feel a lot less merry and bright.

We talk about why and how the holidays can be tough, with some tips on how to manage them and, at the very least, we hope to bring you a wee bit of festive cheer (we have new theme music!).

As always, we hope to give you the gift of better baby sleep.

Bonus Christmas Episode: Show Notes

1 Pack Your Sack

We’re not talking Santa’s here but it your parenting bag of tricks – whether you’re going out for the day, an overnight or you’re going to be away for a longer period of time, packing well can really help you have a smooth Christmas. Just like Michael Buble.

2 – Home Comforts

Are what celebrations are often all about, but you’d be surprised how much familiarly plays a role in helping baby get to sleep. So think about your baby sleep associations and cues try not to miss them, just because it's Christmas.

3 Festive Naps

Even the older folk get stuck into naps during the holidays... but they are particularly important for babies. They can be the thing that help all of you make it through – and prevent everyone (adults included) from getting overtired!

4 Selection Box of Treats

As delicious as all the sweet treats available are, they’re not usually very helpful for sleep. It is Christmas though, so don't be too strict (if you don't want to). Just think timings through. I can tell you from personal experience that allowing your little on to eat a whole Lindt reindeer at bath time does not a good night sleep make!

The good news is the Christmas classic of turkey contains Tryptophan, which actually helps with sleep... so perhaps it will all balance out in the end!

5 – Just one day

And finally, it’s important to remember it’s just a day. So if everything gets thrown out of the window and it feels like it all goes tits up, try not to worry. There’s not just a new day around the corner, there’s a brand new year when you can sort it all. Try to enjoy time with your family and if this years a wee bit different – (well for starters it’s 2020!) - enjoy the uniqueness of the moment, as with all things parenthood you might be surprised to know how fondly you’ll look back on it.

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